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All products are inventoried with a complete selection of quantities and sizes to meet any size order...from 'singles' to 'bulk'!  Call us today for prices on any of the following items:

     Fuels:  Gasoline  -  Diesel  -  Bio Diesel  -  Turbo-Blue Racing  -  Ethanol  -  Kerosene

     Engine Oils:   Chevron  -  Marathon  -  Pennzoil  -  Shell  -  Pennzoil  -  Valvoline

     Grease:   Marathon  -  Mystik  -  Shell

     Batteries:  Superlex

     Filters: WIX (Oil  -  Air  -  Fuel)

     Fluids:  Hydraulic  -  Methanol  -  Windshield Washer  -  Fuel Additives  -  Starter  -        Antifreeze  -  Methanol

     Equipment:  Fuel tanks  -  Pumps  -  Windshield wiper blades

     Services:  Heating Oil Delivery  -  Calibration of high-speed Fueling Dispensers