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In support of our Utility company clients when they are called to respond to an emergency or disaster in one of their service areas, A & M Oil developed the mobile fueling station.  We are positioned to provide and manage the fueling needs for your crews while you focus on what you do best, repairing and restoring the energy needs of your customers.

The mobile fueling station has the ability to pump gasoline and diesel fuel from a single mobile unit without an external source of energy

Experience is invaluable when confronting a crisis.  A & M Oil has successfully supported the fueling needs of utility company first-responders over the past two years.  The following slide show will give you a brief overview of our service in action. 

A & M Oil has successfully supported utility crews who responded to the damages of the:

     Kentucky wind storm, the result of hurricane Ike (September 2008)

     Kentucky ice storm (January/February 2009)

     Kentucky/Virginia East coast snow storm (December 2009)

Contact us today in order to establish a relationship with A & M Oil prior to your next crisis.  As a result, we can respond immediately and be on location within hours of the aftermath of your next disaster. Our mobile fueling station is operable within minutes...that's right..."minutes", regardless of the area or energy limitations in which you find your company needing fuel service.